Two Reasons Why You Might Have to Hire an Immigration Lawyer Before You Apply for a Partner Visa

Two Reasons Why You Might Have to Hire an Immigration Lawyer Before You Apply for a Partner Visa

20 April 2020
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If you're married to or are in a long-term relationship with an Australian citizen or a person who's a permanent resident of Australia, then you might think that the process of applying for a partner visa should be very straightforward. However, there are a couple of reasons why you might need help from an immigration attorney. Below are two examples of these reasons.

You have a serious health condition

If you have a serious health condition, then you might have to apply for your partner visa with the help of an immigration lawyer. The reason for this is that in order for this visa to be awarded to a person, they must satisfy certain health requirements.

If you have a health condition that will be expensive or extremely time-consuming to treat, then this could complicate your application and result in it eventually being denied. This is because partner visas are sometimes not given to those whose health issues are likely to be a substantial financial burden to the Australian healthcare system.

However, an immigration lawyer could help you to calculate the estimated total cost of your treatment, as there is a cap on the healthcare costs that the Australian government is willing to accept when considering a person's partner visa application. If it is too high, suggest ways for you to mitigate some of these costs so that you can get the treatment you require and still be eligible for the visa you need.

You have been living apart from your spouse for a while

In order to be eligible for a partner visa, you must be in a committed relationship with your long-term partner or spouse. One way to demonstrate that this is the case is to show that you have been living with them for a long period of time.

If you are fully committed to your partner but have had to live apart from them for a significant length of time, then this could also complicate the application process and increase the chances of you being denied this visa. It might cause those who assess your application to call into question the stability or true nature of you and your partner's relationship.

In this situation, having the support and expertise of an immigration lawyer could be enormously helpful, as they could help you to submit additional evidence with your application, which will serve as a compelling explanation for why you have had to live apart from your partner for a long period and which shows that you continued to sustain a relationship with them, despite living very far away. 

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